If you want an insider's perspective on how to service next level events, the following event planning workshop is for you! I'll be sharing real-life examples of planning techniques for weddings and events at all levels. You don't want to miss this! 


  • How to create, maintain and scale a profitable event planning business

  • Moving from checklist planning to luxury planning

  • How to apply the concierge-style approach for events at all levels

  • How to establish proper pricing tactics, develop budgets, and increase margins

  • Client contracts and presentations

  • Must-have planning tools + templates

  • Targeting and servicing your ideal client

  • Selling to the different markets 

  • Establishing your brand and aesthetics 

  • Managing difficult client expectations

  • Establishing a solid community + network of creative partners

  • Steps for building credibility and  becoming an influencer

  • DeveIoping effective networking tactics

  • How to pitch yourself to be on TV

  • How to plan destination weddings + establish global alliances


One of the things that I treasure the most is community and relationships. Over the years I've learned that in business no one gets anywhere alone... When we feel like we are the only ones going through the struggle, someone has already been through it. "True growth happens when we share ideas, when we are able to uplift others  and when we have intentionally let go of our fears." 

"Last year I decided to share my experiences through private intensives because in the earlier years of my career I wished there would have been someone guiding me through the obstacles. I know exactly how it feels to be completely alone as an entrepreneur. There were times when I had too many ideas and not enough focus. A little push would have gone a long way .

We all know that developing a brand and being  an entrepreneur is not easy. "Its takes time, love, respect, and dedication. I polished my craft through hard work,  sheer perseverance and by establishing credibility early on with clients regardless of their status." The time has come to create a workshop where I share it all!  Everyone deserves to start somewhere. Let’s come together! 

“A candle doesn’t lose its light, by enlightening another candle”
— Rumi