Want to know how to plan destination weddings without a hitch, here's how!

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Planning destination weddings is one of my favorite things ever but it requires lots of discipline and patience.  I was recently asked how I strategize and organize a destination wedding from afar. Although, certain things are hard to predict, it’s important for you to have a plan going in. Be wise and hire reputable local vendors from the start. The planning process will go so much smoother and your chances of success will dramatically increase without you loosing your marbles. I’ve had the opportunity to plan weddings and events worldwide. Although I love them, I only take on a few per year so that I’m not away from home as much as I used to be. Today I’d like to share some tips that may help you avoid some of the hardships that I’ve experienced while on site at destination weddings:

  • Always have your contracts translated to English or the language in your region before you sign.

  • Try to fit in more than one site inspection and meet with all vendors prior to contracting.

  • Always specify event times with your vendors and make sure that they have a clear picture of your timeline.

  • Become familiar with the culture as much as possible.

  • Hire someone or a local team that speaks the language and the can assist you on site.

  • If possible time all of your activities during site inspections.

  • Make sure that you find a reliable means of communication while onsite

  • Avoid making assumptions – ask as many questions as needed.

  • Always make requests and confirmations in writing.

  • Keep a call log for all vendors separately

My favorite part about planning a destination wedding is that it allows me to meet and connect with amazing industry folks all over the world. It’s an opportunity to learn knew things while expanding our horizons. Our planning world as we know it, changes for the better. What’s your favorite part about planning destination weddings?

Photography: Adam Alex

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